The RHCC Board of Trustees

These disciples are the responsible for overseeing the business of the church. They provide leadership in the ways of financial matters, real estate inquiries, church operations and upkeep of the church building and grounds. They make a difference – for what would we do if we didn’t have a dedicated, committed team to see about the business of the church?


         Sam Wright                              Jon Whitehead                              Ellen Liddell                              James McNairy                              Earnest McCoy

Sam Wright, Chairman              Jon Whitehead, Co-Chair             Ellen Liddell, Secretary             James McNairy, Treasurer           Earnest McCoy, Chaplain

          Keisha Lacey                             Wanda Hall                              Brenda Mackee                              Rick Vanoy                              John Grove

Keisha Lacey, Activities Director         Wanda Hall                              Brenda Mackee                             Rick Vanoy                                 John Grove